Lobster Festival at Awana

Awana exterior

From 14-28 May, Chelsea’s fine-dining Malaysian restaurant, Awana, is hosting a lobster festival. Executive chef Mark Read and Malaysian-born head chef Lee Chin Soon have created a lobster menu to run alongside the standard a la carte.

Starters (£14)
Sambal Udang Galah
Lobster pieces in a spicy sambal cream sauce served on a crispy salad with fragrant herbs

Udang Galah Goreng
Lobster marinated in galangal, deep fried and served with Awana’s tomato sauce

Main courses (£26)
Udang Galah Kukus
Half lobster steamed with lemongrass, ginger and chilli, garnished with a noodle salad

Udang Galah Panggang
Chargrilled half lobster coated in a sesame barbecue sauce, served with a sour tomato salad

Kuew Teow Goreng Udang Galah
Half lobster stir-fried with ho fun noodles, shredded green onion and chilli jam