Live Music at Bentley's

Bentleys Oysters in bar

Richard Corrigan’s restaurant Bentley’s, on the border of Soho and Mayfair, is offering live piano and jazz music every Wednesday from 7.30pm-11.30pm, and every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 8.00pm to midnight.

Great for pre-dinner drinks, a relaxed glass of wine and Corrigan’s special native oysters, Bentley’s offers respite mixed with music from some of the UK’s best jazz artists and pianists. Well known musicians feature, including the critically acclaimed Oliver Moriarty, greek born Katerina Koutouzi, ex-Van Morrison pianist Johnny Miller, and Ronnie Scott’s favourite Rod Melvin.

Diners can choose from either the ground floor Oyster Bar, with red leather banquettes and marble tables, or The Grill downstairs whose menu focuses on fresh fish, meat and game.

The June 2008 schedule for artists appearing at Bentley's is as follows:

Wednesday, 4 June: Oliver Moriarty
Thursday, 5 June: Oliver Moriarty
Friday, 6 June: Johnny Miller
Saturday, 7 June: Rod Melvin

Wednesday, 11 June: Katerina Koutouzi
Thursday, 12 June: Oliver Moriarty
Friday, 13 June: Oliver Moriarty
Saturday, 14 June: Oliver Moriarty

Wednesday, 18 June: Katerina Koutouzi
Thursday, 19 June: Oliver Moriarty
Friday, 20 June: Oliver Moriarty
Saturday, 21 June: Oliver Moriarty

Tuesday, 24 June: Damien Smith
Wednesday, 25 June: Oliver Moriarty
Thursday, 26 June: Oliver Moriarty
Friday, 27 June: Katerina Koutouzi
Saturday, 28 June: Katerina Koutouzi