Lettes Talk Sex

As author Kathy Lette says: ‘How can women win the sex war when they keep fraternising with the enemy?’ To help her debate this age-old problem, Kathy has invited four guests speakers to join her at The Savoy for a series of lively and entertaining dinner debates. Taking place over a gourmet dinner especially created for the occasion, the debates promise to be both wicked and witty. Dates, guest speakers and topics for debate are the following: 28 October: Sir John Mortimer QC – ‘Why Can’t a Man Think More Like a Woman?’ 26 November: Stephen Fry – ‘Beauty Versus Brains – Wrinkles, Why Won’t men Read Between Her Lines?’ 16 December: Richard E. Grant – ‘Why Can’t Women Tell Jokes? Because They Marry Them.’ 15 January: Salman Rushdie – ‘Why Do Men Like Smart Women? Because Opposites Attract.’