Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong live

Gordon Ramsay

For the finale of The Big Food Fight (Channel 4's season of food programming) Gordon Ramsay is inviting viewers to cook alongside him as he prepares a three-course meal on live TV.

All you have to do (no matter how rarely you cook) is buy the ingredients, make sure you have the right utensils, and follow Ramsay's instructions.

Cooking alongside Ramsay on the show will be special guests Chris Moyles, Alan Carr, Max Beesley and Mica Paris.

For further information including ingredients, online training guides, and the chance for webcam users to apply to be on the show, see the Gordon Ramsay pages on The Big Food Fight's website.

About The Big Food Fight
The Big Food Fight, Channel 4's groundbreaking food season, is aimed at changing the way UK consumers think about what they eat. For more information or individual programme details, click here.