Gluten-free cookery masterclasses at Cantina del Ponte

Cantina del Ponte bread

Do you find cooking for your gluten-free friend or family member a bit daunting? Are you gluten-free and stuck in a rut? Or are you looking for gluten-free dishes that everyone will like? Then this hands-on masterclass is for you.

Finnish nutritionist and gluten-free specialist Stephanie Seege has teamed up with Cantina del Ponte's head chef Marco Goldin to lead two cookery classes dedicated to cooking delicious and out-of-the-ordinary gluten-free dishes. These are restaurant-standard dishes that you will be able to whip up at home - and they're guaranteed to find favour with everyone, not just those following a gluten-free diet.

The classes take place over two Saturdays and tackle a different set of recipes each time, starting with posh snacks and pastries before moving on to a crash course in homemade gluten-free pasta. All the dishes have an Italian slant and all are certain to wow.

The masterclasses cost £115 each and include lunch and a signed copy of Seege's book, Soulflavours. To book your place, contact the restaurant.