Gastronomic Festival at The Blue Elephant

Once again, the Blue Elephant is hosting its annual gastronomic festival in August with plenty of goodies on offer. This year the restaurant will be focusing on dishes that have previously only been available at the Blue Elephant in Bangkok. For the duration of this year’s festival, chef Chompul will be leaving his post as Bangkok’s head chef and installing himself firmly behind the stoves of London’s Blue Restaurant. Choices from the festival menu include grilled fillet of salmon marinated in lemongrass served with a spicy mint sauce and British lamb chops in a spicy Thai basil sauce. Watch out, too, for some more unusual dishes, like the deep fried French foie gras wrapped in rice paper with tamarind sauce and crocodile meat marinated in Thai whiskey and herbs wrapped in papadanus leaves accompanied by a lemongrass sauce. To accompany the menu, there will be specially choreographed traditional Thai dancing, music and fruit and vegetable carving.