Enjoy a historical dinner at Heston Blumenthal’s Hinds Head pub

hinds head 2

On Monday 17 September, Heston Blumenthal’s award-winning pub, The Hinds Head in Bray, is celebrating its 600-year history with a historical dinner.

Head chef Kevin Love has created a four-course tasting menu that starts in the the 15th century and ends in the present day.

To add to the occasion, The Hinds Head’s bar team has created a cocktail called Mother’s Ruin. Served from an antique punch fountain, the cocktail mixes ginger syrup, cherry liqueur, grapefruit syrup, Champagne and, of course, gin.

Guests will enjoy a glass of Mother’s Ruin in the bar before sitting down to dinner at 7.15pm.

The menu will run as follows:

Pomme Dorres (c.1500)
Apple, chicken-liver parfait and grilled bread (based on a recipe from King Henry VIII’s Tudor court)

Veal ‘a la Reform’ (c.1830)
Veal fillet, pearl barley and sauce reform (originally created at the end of the Georgian era)

Chocolate Wine (c.1660)
Red wine, chocolate and Millionaire’s shortbread (inspired by a recipe from the 1660s that was thought to have aphrodisiac qualities)

‘Perfection’ Strawberry Trifle (c.2008)
Strawberries, saffron and black olive (created by Heston Blumenthal in 2008)

Coffee and petits fours

The ‘Hind’s Head Through The Ages’ dinner costs £55, including a glass of Mother’s Ruin, coffee and petits fours, but excluding all other drinks and service. Call the restaurant on 01628 626151 to book.