Elect to join a Presidential party at Dinerama

Dinerama London street food event

Just in case you weren’t aware, the U.S. Presidential election is finally happening on Tuesday 8 November. Shoreditch’s street-food Mecca Dinerama is teaming up with celeb and pop music mag Popbitch on the night, promising 10 hours of partying from 8pm-6am.

Drink Obama’s favourite beer (Goose Island 312), shoot bourbon and eat BBQ Lab chicken wings, Smokestak ribs, wood-fired pizza from Fundi, Breddos tacos and more. The £53 package also includes a ‘survivor’s breakfast’, games, quizzes and, of course, live streaming of the results.

They’re naming it Electile (Dys) Function at Dinerama – we’ll be there just to honour such an outstanding name.

Electile (Dys) Function at Dinerama takes place from 8pm-6am on Tuesday 8 November and costs £53 per person (including two drinks and all-you-can-eat street food). Book your ticket here at Eventbrite.co.uk.