Duende, Santo Remedio and Mexican Independence Day

Duende Spanish restaurant Covent Garden London

Duende chef Victor Garvey is welcoming Edson Diaz-Fuentes to his Covent Garden restaurant from 15-16 September, to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. Edson opened Shoreditch Mexican Santo Remedio earlier this year; the restaurant’s premature closure in August means this residency is something of a resurrection.

The pair will collaborate on an eight-course Catalan and Mexican menu, with each chef creating four dishes. Victor’s dishes will pay homage to Catalunya, with a playful nod to Mexico, while Edson’s Mexican recipes will have a few Catalan influences: think marinated mullet roe tacos, with whipped mato cheese and citrus-cured prawn aguachile tostadas. For dessert, there will be crystallized honey with pistachio and chamomile. We’re all for celebrating independence, especially when it tastes this good.

Edson’s residency takes place on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September at Duende, with two sittings at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets cost £49 each and can be purchased here.