Courvoisier at the Secret Garden Party 2010

Freddie Fellowes, founder of the Secret Garden Party and CVTF500 member) has invited Courvoisier to create a landmark installation at this year’s iconic festival. Seizing the opportunity to take Courvoisier’s Summer Of Punch to a new level, they’ve whipped up an engineering extravaganza to quench the thirst of every Secret Garden Party reveller: pedal-powered punch. Built by Circus Kinetica, the machine is part of the ‘Fact or Fiction’ theme of the 2010 festival. To be unveiled at the Secret Garden Party opening ceremony on 22 July, it will continue to whirr throughout the weekend under the guidance of performers from Gideon Reeling Theatre Company. For more information on The Secret Garden Party, or to buy tickets, visit the festival’s website.