Ceviche Old Street launches the Soulfood Sessions

Motown might not seem like the obvious inspiration for a chow-down, but that’s exactly where Ceviche Old Street is coming from with its new Soulfood Sessions. Martin Morales’s Peruvian restaurant will be inviting ‘soul-food chefs’ to take over its kitchen over the coming months, with its first guest being Edson Diaz-Fuentes from 31 October until 2 November. 

The founder of Shoreditch Mexican Santo Remedio, Diaz-Fuentes has created a selection of tacos to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, priced from £8-11 and including:

Grilled ox tongue with smoky Pepián rojo (a meaty, spicy stew) and Michoacán-style (western Mexico) pig’s cheek with salsa verde and pickled onion 

Sea bass al pastór with grilled pineapple, pico de gallo and spicy avocado salsa 

Softshell crab with yerba santa (a north-Mexican plant) and serrano mayonnaise 

12-hour slow-cooked brisket barbacoa with tomatillo salsa borracha (salsa made with beer)

The bar is getting in on the act too, with one-off cocktails such as a Peruvian Margarita (Tequila, orange pisco, lime and agave syrup) and the Ofrenda (mezcal, marigold and honey syrup, smoked pineapple, limo chilli and vanilla-infused pisco).

Following Diaz-Fuentes, forthcoming Soulfood Sessions will see Selin Kiazim (Oklava), Josh Katz (Berber & Q) and Nirmal Save (Gunpowder) step into the Ceviche Old Street kitchen alongside Morales and executive chef Vitelio Reyes.

The Soulfood Session’s Edson Diaz-Fuentes menu will be available at Ceviche Old Street from 31 October until 2 November. To book a table, email oldst@cevicheuk.com or call 020 3327 9463.