Celebrate a centenary of cocktails

Margarita Cocktail

As part of London Cocktail Week (6-16 October), Eclipse bar will be popping up at Fifth Floor Harvey Nichols to celebrate 100 years of cocktail making.

The Museum of Cocktails pop-up bar will showcase 10 of the most popular cocktails from the past century, each synonymous with a particular decade. In addition, displays on the fifth floor will teach customers about the history of each drink.

The Museum of Cocktails’ full cocktail list is as follows:

1910 Singapore sling
1920 Colony cocktail
1930 Bacardi cocktail
1940 Cardamom sour
1950 Vesper martini
1960 Planter’s punch
1970 Grapefruit cocktail
1980 Royal rickey
1990 Grapefruit rum cooler
2000 Mojito
2010 Watermelon martini

All of the cocktails will be served at the Fifth Floor Terrace and Café throughout London Cocktail Week.