Carluccio’s Mercato dei Funghi

Funghi lovers should be glad to hear that Carluccio's will be holding four mushroom markets to celebrate the mushroom season. These will be held at their caffés in Kingston, Market Place, St. Albans and Canary Wharf on separate dates. Each caffé will be transformed to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional Italian autumnal market with stalls laden with seasonal fresh and dried, wild and cultivated mushrooms, wonderful mushroom groceries, as well as hand picked blackberries, apples, fresh wet walnuts and hazelnuts - and of course truffles. Delicious hot "street" food will also be available throughout the day from 10am to 6pm. Dishes include polenta with mushroom sauce, mushroom salad, a hearty mushroom soup, hot mushroom risotto and mushroom pies complemented by some warming mulled wine. Commendatore Antonio Carluccio, will also share his celebrated passion for mushrooms with visitors to the market, showing how to clean and prepare some of the more unusual types of mushrooms and by cooking some dishes from his book.

The Mushroom Markets will be held at the following caffés: Jerome Place, Charter Quay, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey (Tel: 020 8549 5898), Market Place, London, W1 (Tel: 020 7636 2228), 7-8 Christopher Place, St Albans, Herts (Tel: 01727 837 681), Nash Court, Canary Wharf (Tel: 020 7719 1749) and 2 Nash Court, Canary Wharf (Tel: 020 7719 1749)