Burger for Mayor

As London’s Mayoral election on 1 May draws closer, the Tower Bridge branch of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, just across the river from City Hall, has come up with a quirky alternative to the traditional opinion poll: ‘Burger for Mayor’.

Four burgers have been created to represent each of the four most high-profile candidates in a bid to test their popularity. ‘We thought we’d get a different perspective on the candidates’ chances by asking our customers to vote with their tastebuds.’, explains David Sykes, the MD of GBK. ‘After all, gut instinct plays an important part in everyone’s decision at election time.’

'Burger for Mayor' Menu

The Ken Burger (Ken Livingstone, Labour Party)
100% beef with salad, relish and a fresh chilli sauce
GBK say, ‘Hot, fiery and a bit of a mouthful.’

The Boris Burger (Boris Johnson, Conservative Party)
100% beef with salad, relish and an aged Stilton dressing
GBK say, ‘A bit cheesy with hidden depths, quite possibly a bit messy.’

The Paddick Burger (Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat Party)
A fresh breast of chicken with salad, relish and a spicy satay sauce
GBK say, ‘Golden, plucky, with a hint of spice.’

The Berry Burger (Sian Berry, Green Party)
Puy lentils, green curry, potato, spring onion with salad and relish
GBK say, ‘Good for you, with a bit of bite.’