Book your place at a Shotgun/Dumpling Shack brunch mash-up

Shotgun Soho restaurant Dumpling Shack brunch mash up

Dim sum and Sundays go together like pulled pork and pickles - and if you mash up all of these ingredients, you’ll get the idea for this one-off brunch event, being held at barbecue-loving Shotgun in Soho and its pals from former street-food days, Dumpling Shack.

On Sunday 15 May, the two establishments will host a ‘People’s Brunch’ that fuses their signature styles - think crabmeat wontons, soft bao stuffed with meltingly tender smoked brisket, and sticky ribs with fried ‘dirty’ rice - all washed down with a cup of ‘People’s Punch’.

This event takes place on Sunday 15 May from 11am-4pm. The brunch menu costs £40, including one cup of punch. Book your place by emailing or calling Shotgun on 020 3137 7252.

Images by @AllThingsMeaty