Beer Boutique

If you’re interested in wine and food matching, now is the time to broaden your horizons and learn about how beer can also be successfully paired to food. From 13 October - 27 November, All Bar One bars throughout the UK will be hosting Beer Boutique, showcasing some great beers from the continent.

There’ll be free tastings between 6-7pm and experts on hand to offer advice about which beers go with which food. Of the nine beers available, six are draught and three are bottled. Read on for more information about them.


Amstel: A light, easy-to-drink beer with a smooth, clear taste. Ideally paired with spicy foods and pizza.

Belle Vue Kriek: A cherry-based fruit beer which, with a sweet taste, is popular with female drinkers. Ideal with desserts and sweeter, darker meats like venison.

Dom Kolsch: A refreshing lemony beer popular in Cologne. Great with salads and fish.

Edelweiss: A zingy, fruity ale which boasts natural cloudiness and a fresh, tangy taste. A good match for fish and poultry.

Leffe Blond: A versatile beer that is surprisingly well matched to a wide range of foods – particularly cheese and desserts.

Staropramen: A rich hoppy taste with a citrus lemon zing and a soft malty flavour. Ideal with creamy dishes, vegetarian food and spicy sausages like chorizo.


Bierra Moretti: An authentic Italian brew with a delicate malt flavour. Best enjoyed with cold meat and salami, cheese, pasta or risotto.

Bitburger: A crisp-tasting beer that’s a perfect match for fish, salad or meat.

Pilsner Urquell: A medium-bodied beer with rich aromas and a hint of bitterness. Great with spicy foods and rich red meats like steak.