Aug 7

Diamond Dome

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Squaremeal Review of Diamond Dome ?

Created by Pearlcatchers, Diamond Dome comprises individual, paired & team challenges that test the skills, knowledge & creativity of your team. Participants are encouraged to use both mind & body as they explore the six different zones of The Diamond Dome. The Musical Maze, for instance, tests ears, eyes & voices, while the Cerebral Challenge challenges mental agility, memory, logical & lateral thinking. Question Time, meanwhile, presents a real test of knowledge management. Successful completion of each challenge wins a ‘diamond’, but participants only have limited time in each zone, so they have to choose carefully. When the team has completed all six zones, participants return to the central ‘arena’ where they will each take on The Diamond Dome Decider – how long they have depends on how many diamonds were collected through the course of the challenges.


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