Christmas goodie bag inspiration

Christmas goodie bag inspiration

Posted on 18 October 2017

Christmas goodie bag inspiration

Edited by Millie Milliken 


Send them home with these stocking treats for under a fiver


Food and drink goodie bag milk duds chocolate Chambord gin jam hangover rescue tea


Food + drink (from left to right)


+ Masons Gin gives this new coarse-cut satsuma marmalade a deliciously warming kick. £3.75,


+ If you’ve organised the bash properly, this white pear and ginger Hangover Rescue Tea won’t last long the next day. £4.95,


+ The pink hue of Chambord, when mixed with fizz, makes it the perfect addition to a champers toast. £2.95 for 5cl,


+ Chocolate and caramel: these US-made candies will make for the perfect snack in the taxi home. £4,


+ Open up these baubles and you’ll find either milk chocolate and hazelnut santas or gianduiotti chocolates inside. £2.95/£3.95,


Healthy and beauty goodie bag products face mask soap headache relief balm


Health + Beauty (from left to right)


+ This foaming detox mask contains activated charcoal, chamomile and rosewater to freshen weary faces. £4.95,


+ Do your bit this Christmas – profits from these organic soaps go to charity. £4.95,


+ This cooling temple rub should come in handy throughout the festive season. £4,


Books and stationery goodie bag checklist


Books + Stationery (from left to right)


+ Bring a smile to your guests’ faces with the nostalgic memory tips in this best-seller. £4.54,


+ This hands-free Gimble reading device means you can keep hold of the champagne flute and turkey sandwich. £4.99,


+ Give them a New Year’s boost with this inspiring Weekly Good Habits Pad checklist, with enough sheets to last a year. £4.25,


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