25 July 2014

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The Sociable Chatterbox

30s, Female
Member since July 2013
Lives in London

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Personal description

Memoirs of personal experience luxe lifestyle

Eating out habits

Often for both business and pleasure

Favourite restaurants

Murano, The Ledbury, Zuma

Last supper

Vegetarian food with Ruinart Rose Champagne


Food, Wine, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitality, Fashion, Art, Music

Favourite book and film

Quiet – The Power of the Introvert, Susan Cain
Rust and Bone – Matthias Schoenaerts & Marion Cotillard

Dream dinner companion

Henry Cavill

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

The Haymarket Hotel
Four Seasons Chiang Mai, Thailand

Favourite holiday destinations

Rio, New York, Algarve, Italy

Drives a…

I get driven