1 August 2014

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Stephen W.

50s, Male
Member since July 2009
Lives in United Kingdom

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Hasn’t rated any restaurants this year.
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Personal description

Trenchant trencherman.

Eating out habits

Once a week, only ever for pleasure.

Favourite restaurants

Pont de la Tour, Vanilla Black, The Forge, The Chancery

Last supper

Rabbit in vinegar, liver and bacon on mash with gravy, sticky toffee pudding, coffee and red wine. But why do I have to wait until my last day?


Bridge, languages

Favourite book and film

Metamagical themas (Douglas Hofstadter)
The Godfather

Dream dinner companion

That actress with the cheekbones, you know, whatsername?

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

OK, now this has veered into marketing survey territory…