1 August 2014

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30s, Male
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Lives in London
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Personal description

31 year old male, like to travel and go out to a wide variety of places.

Eating out habits

Almost always, both.

Favourite restaurants

Hakassan, The Good Earth (Knightsbridge), various Arabic & Turkish restaurants. All will be reviewed eventually.

Last supper

Crispy duck salad, sweet and sour chicken and a minted lamb dish – lamb cooked medium, washed down with honey melon juice!


Everything that I don't find boring like ballet and knitting…

Favourite book and film

I don't read books anymore! Film? The Last Samurai, The Matrix Triolgy and Ocean's movies.

Dream dinner companion

Hmmm… female perhaps the hottest pop star of the moment Rihanna although I think Nelly Furtado is a very vibrant person. I'd love to have a chat with George Michael – I have immense respect for him as an artist but wonder what he's really like as a person. I'm sure he is not as disturbed as the press lead us to believe! I'd like to hear his side of the story. I'd also like to have spoken with Richard Whiteley and Cat Stevens. The dream date would be with the women, of course!

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

Er,,,, I don't do hotels!

Favourite holiday destinations

I like travelling, but not abroad!!!

Drives a…

Audi S5