22 August 2014

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Jane Adabale

30s, Female
Member since August 2011
Lives in Gravesend, Kent

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Personal description

Domestic consultant extraordinare, with aspirations of working for myself one day.

Eating out habits

Once a month for pleasure. We keep it real. I enjoy the high life, but I also enjoy Nandos, and had one valentines at Burger King (complete with my own table cloth and candles!).

Favourite restaurants

I've enjoyed too many to remember, but here are the most memorable ones: Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, Carluccio's City, Blue Elephant SW6, Cafe Sol SE10, and The Savoy (afternoon tea).

Last supper

I love Mexican Food, so it would have to be a feast of enchiladas, chimichangas, nachos, generously covered in jalepenos, sour cream, salsa, guacomole, and cheese. Washed down with several mojitos!


Cooking, Reading, Creating unique parties for friends.

Favourite book and film

Book – Please Understand Me
TV/Film – Murder Mysteries (loving CSI), but I also enjoy a little bit Dick Van Dyke in the afternoons (Diagnosis Murder)

Dream dinner companion

My mum – she's a real foodie and doesn't hold back from talking about other diners lack of fashion sense and other foibles.

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

Guoman, Charing Cross station and Hyatt Regency, downtown Miami. I've also had many comedy nights in various B&B's around the UK, I highly recommend it!

Favourite holiday destinations

‘I love the UK man’ #The Hoff. I've been to the US, India, Europe and Africa, but I do really enjoy the beauty of English countryside, coastal towns, historic and royal places. I love London, York, Warwick, Norfolk, New Forest, Devon, Oxford, Brighton etc. My next holiday is to the Lake District and then Scotland.

Drives a…

My dream car is the new Range Rover Evogue, but for the time being I am happy with my Honda Jazz.