20 August 2014

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50s, Male
Member since February 2011
Lives in Knebworth

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Personal description

married, 5 children, 4 dogs, 3 cars, 2 garages, one ex wife

Eating out habits

Almost always for pelasure – estimate 3 times per week

Favourite restaurants

Raj Tandoori Knebworth
the Tilbury, Datchworth

Last supper

Chicken Tikka Vindaloo extra hot, keema naan, saag aloo and mushroom bajis. 2 bottles of kind Cobra


Films – cooking – eating – golf – Spurs – cinema – dogs

Favourite book and film

Big – favourite film
The Grapes of Wrath – current fave book

Dream dinner companion

Bobby Robson or Bill Nicholson

Favourite holiday destinations

India, Sri lanka, Sicily, Florida, Las Vegas

Drives a…

VU52 plate Mitsubishi Shogun