24 July 2014

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50s, Male
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Personal description

I'm a director working in London and have been to nearly all the major restaurants. I like all types of cuisines.

Eating out habits

Once to twice a week for business and pleasure

Favourite restaurants

Zuma, Maze, Alloro, Mao Goa (Putney).

Last supper

Billinis with beluga caviar, fois gras mixed with french beans, fillet beef, french cheeses, rasberry souffle, 85% dark chocolate with an expresso – to drinks Vodka with the Billinis, Rielsing with the starter, then a big Bordeaux followed by Domain du Durban (Muscat). Then finish with a bottle of Krug to take me to my grave.


Eating, Cooking, Sport, Politics

Favourite book and film

Book: Raymond Blanc – Cooking for Friends
Film: The Day of the Jackel / All the Presidents Men / Great Escape
TV: Black Adder
CD: Woody Allen the nighclub years

Dream dinner companion

Federer, Elizabeth 1, Marquee de Sade, Newton, Darwin and God (but don't believe he would show up)

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

Saint Simone (Paris) Amam Resorts (Asia) La Bastide de Marie (Provence)

Favourite holiday destinations


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