31 July 2014

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Ella D.

40s, Female
Member since December 2005
Lives in United Kingdom

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Personal description

I lady who loves her food & hates fussy eaters. Being a farmer’s daughter & surrounded by good quality local food, I appreciate how import it is to support our hard working farmers. I love trying new dishes & going to different restaurants. Shame I don’t have the same enthusiasm for exercise!! Now pass me that crazy Heston Blumenthal pie!

Eating out habits

How often do I eat out… As often as the bank manager allows me! Some would say I eat out too much, I’d say not enough but I know I’d pick going out for a delicious meal over a fancy handbag any day!

Favourite restaurants

Lola Rojo, Northcote Rd, Clapham Junction www.lolarojo.net – I know I'm guaranteed a good meal every time I go there.

Last supper

Crab Starter, Goose Roast with all the trimmings, a cheese board (strong, smelly cheeses please), washed down with a nice bottle of Marlborough wine. Oh & I’d start with my favourite non alcoholic drink – Milk!


Eating! Cultural activities like visiting stately homes, galleries & going to the theatre & dining at highly rated restaurants.

Favourite book and film

Film – anything with Stephen Dorff in! City of God & Leon. Book? Never been much of a bookworm as I never find the time!

Dream dinner companion

Stephen Dorff!