2 August 2014

Square Meal Selections


Colin Wood

50s, Male
Member since August 2011
Lives in Rayleigh, Essex.

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Personal description

Frustrated writer and comedian with absolutely no talent whatsoever…

Eating out habits

Mostly eat out socially and for pleasure which is why I will look for quality and value.

Favourite restaurants

FLUSHING INN, Rye, East Sussex (which alas is no more), SOTIRIOS, Hythe, Kent, THE BOATYARD, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, CAFE ROCOCO, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, THE PILOT INN, Dungeness, Kent, THE FIVE BELLS, Brabourne, Kent, and now ROCKSALT, Folkestone, Kent,

Last supper

Grilled Lobster in a White Wine, Cream & Garlic sauce (laced with prawns and cockles), Sautéed Potatoes, and Green Beans washed down with Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Champagne.


The Wife, Kids, Football, Comedy, Films, TV, and of course, Good Food and Wine…

Favourite book and film

To difficult to choose either a book or a film as I have a far too eclectic range of genres…

Dream dinner companion

Michael Caine, Stephen Fry, Sean Connery, Michael Parkinson, Peter Sellars, David Niven. They can then all tell stories and entertain me while all I had to do was eat, drink and listen…

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

None to speak of…

Favourite holiday destinations

Greek Islands, Spain (Balearic Islands) and Dymchurch, Kent…

Drives a…

car with an engine, four wheels, and a CD player… ;-)