21 August 2014

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Big Fat Dan

30s, Male
Member since November 2012
Lives in United Kingdom

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Personal description

I'm a big man with a big appetite and really enjoy eating out, I have a wicked sense of humor, I enjoy a good beer especially craft beer, I love music also, always enjoy going gigs and sampling new music.

Eating out habits

three, four times a month, all pleasure.

Favourite restaurants

Rocksalt (Folkestone), Byron (London), The Curlew (Bodiam) Read's (Faversham) The Windmill (Maidstone)

Last supper

The biggest and greasiest burger I could possibly find, with a nice pint of American pale ale.


Food, Music, Beer, Bourbon, Sport

Favourite book and film

Book? not a big reader, but I loved the Keith Richards autobiography, film? Has to be a Tarantino number, probably Pulp Fiction.

Dream dinner companion

Nigella Lawson, for a number of reasons ;)

Favourite holiday destinations

New York