25 July 2014

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Beth M.

30s, Female
Member since April 2007
Lives in United Kingdom

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Personal description

I work as a private concierge so eating out is part of my job (it's a hrad life!). Luckily for me one of my passiosn is dining and especially checking out new places to recommend to my clients and friends.

Eating out habits

I eat out at least once a week for business, and maybe 2 times a week for pleasure.

Favourite restaurants

I have so many… Hakkasan is an old favorite, recently I am loving Dehesa and L'Anima. Roast, Ristorante Semplice, Bistrotechque, Wapping Food Project, Nobu Berkeley, Locanda Locatelli are all up there too! I also love the bagels and the bbq on Brick Lane, and the grill at Tas Firin on Bethnal Green Rd. Also the food court at the Sunday Up Market is awesome and has loads of variety.

Last supper

If it was my last meal i'd go for a tasting menu and have 8 courses, one course for each of my fave things. tricolore salad, Scallops, calamari, risotto, fish ravioli, medium rare beef with yorkies, sea bass, apple crumble with custard! washed down with humble tap water :)


Other than eating…cooking, reading, writing, running, socialising & networking, travel and sleeping!

Favourite book and film

It depends what mood i'm in…I read a lot and love films.

Dream dinner companion

Henry VIII – he knew how to eat!

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

UK – Blakes, Cliveden House, random little B&B's in the country.
Abroad – Villa d'Este @ Lake Como

Favourite holiday destinations


Drives a…

I don't