28 July 2014

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30s, Female
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Lives in London

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Personal description

I am not a chef, and I am not a photographer – but I love cooking, eating and taking photographs.Those who know me are aware of just how much I love to document my trips and travels, and most important, the food I eat along the way…

Eating out habits

At least 3 times a week, mostly for pleasure!

Favourite restaurants

The Table in Southwark

Last supper

Thai noodles, with a yummy Cosmopolitan or three!


Travel, food, photography, cooking, baking, eating, blogging, writing…

Favourite book and film

The Book Thief; The English Patient

Dream dinner companion

Sir David Attenborough

Favourite hotels in the UK and abroad

Fairmont, Beijing
Kowloon Shangri-la, Hong Kong

Favourite holiday destinations

Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, LA, France, Italy, Prague

Drives a…

Lexus ISF