Venues with a View - From on High...

Venues with a View - From on High...

We found 28 venues in Venues with a View - From on High.... Venues with views across London from high up

These London venues offer some of the best views the city has to offer. The famous landmarks, tourist attractions and hotels listed above take in the capital’s iconic skyline and can be hired out as wedding venues, conference centres and even summer party venues.

Their lofty elevations and stunning panoramas make them some of the best spots in London and many of these attractions are enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors every year. As well as wowing tourists, these London venues can also be used for special functions or important conferences.

This list, which was compiled by, contains an eclectic mixture of venues in London some of which are able to cater for more than 1,000 sit-down guests, while others are more intimate locations that make for ideal wedding venues.

Some of the other London venues listed here are grand, historic buildings that have been there for centuries, while others are more contemporary, funky venues that are relatively new additions to the cityscape.

However, all of these venues are united by their stunning panoramas over the city, which makes them some of the best spots in London and therefore great places to host your event.