Religious Venues

We found 7 venues in Religious Venues. Places of worship that can be used for corporate events and other venues in London with a religious connection

If you’re organising a corporate event or private function and would like to host it in a religious venue then there are a number of churches in London that offer such facilities. Hiring out function rooms in these venues is also a great way to put some money back into local parishes.

The churches in London that are listed above offer all the facilities you would expect in modern conference centres, exhibition venues and city hotels. What’s more some of them are able to accommodate well over 1,000 sit-down guests, while all of those listed are able to provide catering facilities. Even if you’re an atheist or belong to a different religious denomination, these grand historical venues in London can bring a sense of occasion to your function.

If you’re looking for impressive venues in London and want to help support the church, then the list above should be able to help you. Alternatively flick through the menu bar on the left of the page or check out our other themed locations, which include tourist attractions, military venues, livery halls, cinemas and scientific venues. Like the religious venues listed above, these places are available for private hire and can be used as conference centres, party venues and function rooms.