Live Music & Concert Venues

Live Music & Concert Venues

We found 13 venues in Live Music & Concert Venues. Venues in and around London that stage concerts and live music performances.

Even some of London’s most unsuspecting venues can be used to host live music. The list above contains a motley crew of hotels, conference centres, halls and historic buildings that can all be hired as live music venues.

While several of the clubs and music venues in London that are listed here were built specifically to host concerts, some of the more surprising locations have proven a big hit with organisers of live music events thanks to their acoustics and ability to cater for large numbers.

These venues are also used to host private functions and business events. Some are able to cater for over 1,000 sit-down guests, which has made them popular with people looking for large business events and weddings.

These live music venues and clubs in London have played host to some of the biggest artists in the world and if they can accommodate fussy rock stars they will have no problems taking care of your business event or private function.

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