Cheap & cheerful restaurants in London

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In these difficult economic times eating out can prove to be an expensive proposition, but with Square Meal’s brilliant guide to the best cheap and cheerful restaurants in London, you can enjoy a great meal without breaking the bank. Cheap and cheerful is in no way synonymous with an inferior quality as far as the restaurants feature din this list are concerned, Each and every one of them have been selected because of their excellent quality considering their prices. There are plenty to choose from too, it seems that London is packed with really good cheap and cheerful places to enjoy a fine meal.

Square Meal’s handpicked list of the best cheap and cheerful restaurants in London is a helpful guide for those who are looking for a great place to eat in the capital without spending too much money. From restaurants in the West End to restaurants in the City and restaurants in West London to restaurants in East London, there are some fantastic cheap and cheerful London restaurants demonstrating that you don’t have to spend a fortune on eating out in London.

Every one of the Cheap and Cheerful restaurants in London restaurants featured in Square Meal’s list of London’s best for Cheap and Cheerful restaurants have been tried and tested by food critics and our own customers so check out the reviews and book a table online with Square Meal today. As well as the restaurants on this page, we have listings for Cheap and Cheerful British restaurants in London, Cheap and Cheerful French restaurants in London and Cheap and Cheerful Italian restaurants in London as well as many other types of restaurants in Cheap and Cheerful restaurants in London. Each Square Meal listing features an independent review, as well as reviews from diners, together with unique special offers such as free drinks and discounts.