Best bars in Bloomsbury & Marylebone

We found 14 restaurants in Best bars in Bloomsbury & Marylebone.

Situated right next to each other, the London areas of Bloomsbury & Marylebone couldn’t be more different, yet both boast a superb portfolio of bars many of which are listed here in Square Meal’s guide to the best bars in Bloomsbury & Marylebone. Known as London’s literary area, Bloomsbury is not only home to an array of antique bookshops, charming hotels and university campus’, it also houses the world famous British Museum. With pretty gardens and beautifully classic streets, Bloomsbury offers a more romantic kind of London.

You’ll find just what you are looking for with Square Meal’s guide to the best bars in Bloomsbury & Marylebone.  You may also want to check out the bars of the neighbouring London areas Covent Garden and Soho.

Every one of the top bars in Bloomsbury & Marylebone featured in Square Meal’s list of the best bars in Bloomsbury & Marylebone have been tried and tested by critics and our own customers so check out the reviews with Square Meal today. Each Square Meal listing features an independent review, as well as reviews from those who have visited, together with unique special offers such as free drinks and discounts.