20 August 2014

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Restaurants in Croydon

Believe it or not, Croydon was a major leisure destination in the mid-19th century. In 1831, a spa and pleasure gardens opened below Beulah Hill and off what is now Spa Hill, built around a chalybeate spring. Nowadays, the south London borough is better known as a concrete jungle of roundabouts, multi-storey car parks and high-rise office blocks, including Lunar House, home of the UK Border Agency. But scratch the surface and there’s more to the place that calls Kate Moss its most famous daughter. Thanks to the large central shopping district, after central London Croydon is the largest place to shop in the south east. And even eating out isn’t restricted to the ubiquitous mid-chain eateries – there are some very good restaurants in Croydon, including Malcolm John’s casual Fish and Grill, which is great for surf and turf, and Albert’s Table, which delivers a modern take on classic British cooking.

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