21 August 2014

Kurobuta Marble Archone star

020 3551 2808

17-20 Kendal Street, London W2 2AW

£50.00 Japanese Paddington, Bayswater

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  • Wine: £27.00
  • Champagne: £80.00
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-10.30pm

Square Meal Review of Kurobuta Marble Arch ?

It was a long time coming, but chef Scott Hallsworth has scored a blinder with Kurobuta, combining the modern Japanese-style food of his former employer Nobu with an easy-going, upbeat vibe that’s buoyed up by noisy acoustics, sociable seating and likeable Aussie staff. Four plates should suffice from a menu split into categories such as ‘snack’, ‘robata bbq’ and ‘junk food Japan’; the best things we ate were soft-shell crab tempura maki (the sushi rice gently warm, the crab softly crunchy) and buns filled with pork belly imbued with charcoal smoke. Humble edamame are elevated to new heights of addictiveness through a dressing of saké, lemon butter and Maldon salt, while special mention should go to the irresistible dipping sauces – kimchi mayo, spicy peanut soy and so on. Flavours aren’t for the faint-hearted, and a couple of the dishes we tried (sticky miso-grilled aubergine with candied walnuts, for example) were just too sweet. But this a restaurant that cries out for return visits – at prices that are more or less affordable. There are breakfasts, pastries and teas, plus saké cocktails and New World wines too.

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  1. Kurobuta Marble Arch

    17-20 Kendal Street, London W2 2AW
    Overall rating:
    Andrew C.



    • Food & Drink: 10
    • Service: 7
    • Atmosphere: 9
    • Value: 8

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  2. Kurobuta Marble Arch

    17-20 Kendal Street, London W2 2AW
    Overall rating:

    Japanese rocks

      Gold Reviewer  (36)
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

    • Food & Drink: 7
    • Service: 7
    • Atmosphere: 6
    • Value: 6

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  3. Kurobuta Marble Arch

    17-20 Kendal Street, London W2 2AW
    Overall rating:
    Ted B.


    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

    • Food & Drink: 8
    • Service: 6
    • Atmosphere: 6
    • Value: 5

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  1. I tend not to read reviews before I eat somewhere new – I find that I’m swayed. I do want a vague sense of whether it might be snog/marry/avoid, but nothing more. I’d skimmed a lukewarm review by a blogger but avoided the heavyweights and anyway this is local, so I felt duty-bound to try it. Just in case. This is a fairly simple space on the ground floor of a 60s block of flats. Lights in cages, plain tables, harsh acoustics, you know the sort of thing. On the left, some tables and chairs in a conventional layout, on the right, more tables and chairs as well as high long tables, with stools. I presume that they are aimed at those for whom the drink is the thing. A well-oiled group was braying loudly...
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  2. Kurobuta means “Black Berkshire(?) Pig” in Japanese and started life as a pop-up on Kings Road back in 2013. The pedigree behind this place is high. The restaurant is the brainchild of an Aussie (bear with me here) Scott Hallsworth, the former head chef of Nobu. The pop-up has been converted into two permanent restaurants, one in Chelsea, the other in Marble Arch. I haven’t been to the pop-up but hear that the design of the restaurant is similar. Rock’n’roll tunes blare out over the sound systems, wooden tables with chairs that I would associate more with a Scandinavian restaurant. Lunch for two was a happy affair. Tasty food in a relaxed atmosphere, although it’s not the friendliest on the purse...
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  3. Published : Tuesday, 1st July 2014

    The Little Brown Book :: Kurobuta

    A New JapanA new twist on the Japanese cuisine we know and love, the second branch of Kurobuta sits around the corner from Marble Arch and serves up its food in a street style 'pubby' atmosphere. Here you will find the kind of menu which is best navigated with a ‘close your eyes and point’ approach. Sharing dishes arrive as they’re ready, with bite sized pieces bursting to the brim with flavour. I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but a combination of Flesh & Buns, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, The Magazine, Hakkasan and generally feeling the need for sushi at all times of the day has confirmed that this it is without a doubt the food of the Orient which has my heart, stomach and a significant amount of my pay-cheque.Being presented with the delicious menu by an equally delicious Australian waiter, we were left in that rather annoying state of wanting everything. With more than one nosey glance at neighbouring tables, I could tell that everything looked fantastic and the general murmurs of delight confirmed my suspicions. After a monumental feat of decisiveness from yours truly, we made up our minds.We went for the most bizarre sticky duck and watermelon salad I've ever seen (I like bizarre so this was by no means a problem).Some salmon and avocado sushi wrapped in more salmon and drizzled in creamy dill mayo and presented on the most perfect sushi sized leaf.Hirata buns with a peanuty dipping/ drizzling/ dunking sauce.Chicken wings covered in sweet and sticky sauce with a hint of chilli and a great juicy squeeze of lemon juice.And I shall come to the dessert in a minute but take a little gander around the surroundings. High chairs for those with youthful backs/ padded elbows above which hung claw-like half bulb, half insect lamps that doused everything in a warm peachy light. There were also tables for parties of any size and a grey slated bar behind which the chefs made their magic.So, for the dessert: a crazy combination of lavender, apple creme brûlée hidden underneath crunchy crumble and vanilla ice cream.And finally, let me present to you a lemon yuzu tart with matcha meringue and raspberries.The presentation of each dish was a delight with crazy combinations of colours, tastes and textures. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting but this surpassed all these unidentified expectations. Make sure your pockets are slightly heavier because this is a little pricey for the casual dining vibe but if your experience is anything like mine, it's definitely worth it.   
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  4. Restaurant rave: Absolutely riveting food from Scott Hallsworth and team at Kurobuta London (Marble Arch). Much raved about, Kurobuta has been on my wish list for some time now. The pop-up in Chelsea is still running but fellow mummy, ‘the blonde’, and I took our lunatic toddlers on a lunch mission to the recently opened marble arch restaurant (following a morning of musical adventures at nearby Wigmore Hall). Service is swift and endearingly friendly (Basketball-clad guy was a star), even with a floor full of rice cakes and raisins under our mischievous little ones, they seemed happy to have us, and we where happy to not be shoved in a corner for once...
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  5. Published : Friday, 9th May 2014

    laymytable :: Kurobuta – Marble Arch

    After my review of Kurobuta’s pop up in Chelsea, the management got in touch with me to explain a few things and to thank me for my review. I was really flattered that they had read my review and that they welcomed the feedback. I was kindly given the offer to come down to their permanent location in Marble Arch, when it opened, which it now has, and enjoy an evening on them. I relished the opportunity to try more dishes and have a better view of their menu and of course to see the new space. Let me tell you it didn’t get voted top date spot by London Eating for nothing. It’s a vibrant, beautifully lit, fun and exciting restaurant. It has all the qualities and charm of a high-end location, but without any intimidation or stuffiness. The kitchen is open for all to see and the beautiful low hanging bulbs add an enchanting ambience to the place...
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  6. An Edgware Road restaurant that isn’t Lebanese Eating at Kurobuta has, if nothing else, confirmed that I’m slowly devolving into a cantankerous old fart. Kurobuta is a modern take on the izakaya, a Japanese food pub, situated on a residential street just off Edgware Road. Originally due to open last Autumn, it was so delayed that it opened a pop-up in Chelsea that, at the time of writing, is still running. Kurobuta is informal, as befitting an izakaya, but its atmosphere has all the charm of a vuvuzela concert. If you’re seated at the communal tables, then be prepared for the high, backless stools which I found to be back-breakingly uncomfortable. If the management insists on using a nearly unreadable font for the menu, then turning up the lights would be a good idea – otherwise you’ll have to use your phone for light and squint. All this wasn’t nearly as irritating as the braying Sloanie wannabes and Mayfair exiles who seemed to make up most of the clientèle on both of my visits. If you manage to avoid tripping over the wobbly cocktail sippers near the small bar, then brace yourself for the glass-shattering screech of their voices as they attempt to have conversations by yelling at ever louder volumes. Aural waterboarding has never been so stylish...
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  7. A couple of weeks ago Mr Silver and I visited Sticks 'n Sushi which ticks the boxes in terms of value for money, quality and fun factor. You can read about our experience here. When I read about Kurobuta on The Londoner's blog, it seemed like we'd found another candidate in our search for an everyday Japanese eatery. A pop-up restaurant, located at 251 King's Road, I warned Mr Silver it would be more shabby-chic than sexy, sleek. The interior was rustic, wooden and welcoming with a huge open kitchen at the back. The open kitchen now seems common at most restaurants I visit and I love the feeling of bringing the cookery into the dining room...
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  8. Published : Thursday, 13th March 2014

    Agent Restauranteur :: Kurobuta – London SW3

    I promise, one of these days I will tell you about a restaurant that does your usual a la carte. I realise small plates isn’t everyone’s thing, but if you’re tempted to venture into small plates territory, do it in style, Kurobuta style. It’s a Japanese pop up, that looks nothing like a Japanese restaurant. Currently found on the King’s Road, though soon relocating to Marylebone, it’s bare and shabby chic setting is not exactly what you’d expect from an ex Nobu chef. But the charm, intimacy and bustle doesn’t feel awkward or temporary. It simply serves to enhance the entire evening...
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  9. Published : Tuesday, 4th March 2014

    S.W. Foodie :: Kurobuta - Chelsea

    Kurobuta… Finally! Chelsea has a trendy little restaurant that seems more perfectly placed in the likes of Brixton Village or over in Shoreditch, than in the ‘quieter’ section of the King’s Rd. The issue with this is that it was near impossible to get into… until Kurobuta added another 6months onto their ‘pop up’ time frame. This makes me slightly excited that they may be staying. It’s a cute little place, mish-mashed tables and open bulbs hanging from the ceiling therefore oozing exactly what every pop up seems to do – Minimal on a budget. What they have done here which isn’t ideal is cram as many tables in as they possibly can, so, be prepared to potentially wear someone else’s cocktail or possibly feel more involved in your neighbour's conversation than your own throughout your meal...
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  10. Published : Tuesday, 11th February 2014

    laymytable :: Kurobuta Pop-Up Chelsea

    The buzz has finally come over to the west side. Well I never! It’s always ‘Hoxton this’ and ‘Shoreditch that’ and whilst I love those places and all they have to offer, it’s nice to have something that doesn’t take me an hour and a half to get to. Hearing quite a bit about the Kurobuta pop-up that is currently residing on The King’s Road, soon to be a permanent feature in Marble Arch, I decided to book myself in. It was far more casual on the inside than I had anticipated; temporary looking wooden tables and flyers pinned to the walls, it had a beach-side shack vibe to it. After a chat with the nice, but slightly over familiar waitress, about the menu, which involved her pulling up a chair and sitting next to us to tell us about it, we decided to pick a few plates to share. First up BBQ Pork Belly in Steamed Buns with Spicy Peanut Soy...
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