Restaurants in Soho

Restaurants in SohoFilled with restaurants, bars, theatres and shops, Soho is the throbbing heart of London’s West End. With major tourist landmarks such as Leicester Square, Carnaby Street and Chinatown within its borders, Soho is a popular destination for tourists whilst London’s gay community have long called the place home. The area is bursting at the seams with great restaurants and most are packed every lunch time and evening, whether it’s the pre theatre crowd, local media workers or just those wanting to soak up its lively ambience. Sleazy strip clubs and sex shops have always been a part of Soho’s make up but some of London’s finest restaurants and bars along with some of its coolest hotels can also be found here. Soho is a unique and vibrant London area, offering something for everyone, from West End shows to burlesque clubs and Michelin starred restaurants to traditional pubs.
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