Twisting the melon, man

twisting the melon_the destination - twisting-the-melon22.jpgIt doesn't seem to be enough to merely go to dinner and enjoy the food these days; there now has to be performance, art or music thrown into the mix for good measure. As we hunger for good food, we appear to be becoming greedier for the all-round experience, too.

Just as Pret A Diner opened its doors for its pop-up members club dining and art experience last week, a new kid has announced its intentions for the London gastronomic scene in October.

This time it's the turn of The Waldorf Project, which is the brainchild of British artist Sean Rogg.

Rogg explains: ‘The aim of The Waldorf Project is to create a completely new dining experience through the most fully immersive multi-sensory performance possible.’

This multi-sensory immersion includes set design that will transform the venue - East End creative hub Netil House - into a huge hydroponic ‘fantasy land’, sound design by electronica duo Walls, as well as choreographed dancers serving the menu, which has been devised by food design studio Blanch & Shock and gastronomy artist Andrew Stellitano. Entitled Chapter One/Muskmelon, this is the first programme of many.

‘This inaugural event is themed around the metaphor of the Japanese muskmelon, which is an incredibly rare and sought-after fruit representing a faultless synergy between man and nature,’ expounds Rogg.

With only 40 tickets available a night across a run of five performances, spaces are tight, so ensure you book well in advance.

The Waldorf Project: Chapter One/Muskmelon will be held from 10-14 October at Netil House, Westgate Street, E8. For more information, go to

This article was published in September 2012.