Room 4104 at Hotel 41

41 Hotel - 41_Hotel_Conservatory_Master_Suite.jpgThe 41 experience starts long before you actually check in. Our room confirmation came with a ‘Guest Preference Form’ that we had great fun filling out. What items would we liked placed in our room? Feather pillows? Foam pillows? A neck-support or V-shaped pillow? A humidifier, yoga mat or exercise bike?! We found it hard not to tick every last box just to see what would turn up. The answer is: everything we asked for and more.

Most Red Carnation hotels are famous for their attention to detail but this, the group’s only boutique property, takes the concept to entirely new levels. Throughout our stay in its signature suite, we weren’t left wanting for anything at all. Fancy a midnight snack? You can ‘plunder the pantry’ by the honesty bar. Need help getting over jetlag? Handy hints can be found on a card in the bathroom, where strategically placed mirrors also allow you to watch TV from the comfort of the Jacuzzi tub. That’s if you’re not distracted by the lovely Penhaligon toiletries.

At turndown, you’ll find slippers, robes and sleep-inducing lavender spray by your bedside, where the TV control is slipped between the open pages of that evening’s programme guide – right next to the following day’s weather report.

In room 4104, all this is topped off by a lofty conservatory roof, which provides ample light for daytime work, while slipping neatly under a remote-controlled ceiling for bedtime. Business visitors will also appreciate the separate dining area – great for a small meeting – and the portable phone that allows guests to pick up important calls from anywhere in the hotel. Not that we’d mind waiting around in this room.

This article first appeared in Square Meal Venues & Events magazine, Summer 2008.