28 July 2014

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Square Meal Selections

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Spirits & Cocktails



Unusual alfresco bars for sun-enchanted evenings

unusual alfresco_queen of hoxton - Food & Drinks - Spirit & Cocktails

From floating boats and paddling pools to funky rooftops and deckchairs in the garden, Keith Barker-Main dives into some of the capital’s quirkier alfresco watering holes to enjoy a summer cocktail or two.


All about... whisky distilleries

scotch whisky experience Blenders Room - Food & Drinks - Spirit & Cocktails

Every distillery has a story, and distinct flavour profiles influenced by their unique locations.

Whisky and Indian food: the spice route

whisky and spice - Food & Drinks - Spirit & Cocktails

Whisky is that rare drink that can stand up to the heat and spice of Indian food.

Talisker profile - speed bonnie boat

Talisker boat - Food & Drinks - Spirit & Cocktails

Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye is best approached by boat, so Charles MacLean sets sail.

Whisky 2009 - the drinks, the flavours


The Perfect G&T

Gin and Tonic - Food & Drinks - Spirit & Cocktails

You may think you know all there is to know about the humble gin and tonic, but, as aficionado Alice Lascelles reveals, there’s an art to making a truly great G&T.


  • Caipirinha cocktail - Caipirinha cocktail - Food & Drinks - Spirit & CocktailsHistory of Caipirinha

    Kicking off the first in a new Square Meal series looking at the world’s best-loved cocktails, Ben McCormack traces the history of the caipirinha

  • Negroni cocktails - Food & Drinks - Spirit & CocktailsHistory of Negroni

    In the second of Square Meal’s close-ups on the world’s best-loved cocktails, Ben McCormack explores the history of the Negroni – and where you can drink it now

  • Daiquiri Cocktail - Daiquiri cocktail - Food & Drinks - Spirit & CocktailsHistory of Daiquiri

    In Square Meal’s ongoing series looking at the world’s classic cocktails, Julie Sheppard reveals the history of the daiquiri and finds out how to mix the perfect glass

Margarita Cocktail - Margarita Cocktail - Food & Drinks - Spirit & Cocktails

History of Margarita

Fiona Sims puts the number-one Tequila-based cocktail, the margarita, under the spotlight