20 April 2014

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Talk of the town: the best Champagne bars in London

Voltaire - Food & Drinks - Champagne

London is a world-class destination for Champagne lovers, offering an unrivalled medley of fizz-focused bars, bubbling bistros and fine-dining Champagne oases. There’s a list out there to satisfy every palate, from the best boutique grower wines to the grandest of grandes marques, with ample opportunities to sample by the glass and bottle. It all adds up to a fantastic, well-heeled, fizz-fuelled scene.

Champagne supplement 2013/14


The style file

Style file - Food & Drinks - Champagne

Champagne is made in a range of styles, so you’ll always find one to suit your taste.

A fizz for all reasons

A Fizz for all reasons - Food & Drinks - Champagne

Jane Parkinson comes up with ten fantastic fizzes, and occasions to match.

Alfresco bubbles

alfresco bubbles_Trafalgar Vista Bar_2012 - Food & Drinks - Champagne

Celebrate the best of British summer at these alfresco Champagne bars.


Around the houses: focus on Champagne houses

Champagne houses 2013 - Food & Drinks - Champagne

Champagne house style is the ultimate in wine statements. It exists to differentiate one house from another, giving each house its all-important USP, and we wine drinkers a reason to choose one brand over another. Romantically, it’s a timeless statement about a Champagne producer’s past, present and future. Touchingly, it reflects the brand’s philosophy, vision and personality. But it’s also a pretty sensitive business. So how is each Champagne brand's ‘house style’ created and which styles pass the taste test?