23 August 2014

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Liquid assets: how water styles can affect your palate

water feature 2013 - Food & Drinks Home

Could the style of water you order with your meal be diluting your fine-dining experience? Meet the experts who argue that just like fine wine, not every bottle of H2O is the same, and that its character is anything but neutral. Chris Mercer explains why water is not just for drinking...


Small Wine Measures

measures - Food & Drinks Home

Choosing wine in restaurants has taken on a whole new dimension, thanks to the growing trend for smaller measures, says Fiona Sims

Independent Merchants

indi2 - Food & Drinks Home

No matter where you live in London you’ll find an independent wine merchant nearby that can offer so much more than big-name brands and wall-to-wall deals.

Portuguese Style

portugal11 - Food & Drinks Home

With a huge number of indigenous grapes to choose from and a varied climate, it’s no surprise that there’s a Portuguese wine to match every style of cuisine.


Beginner's Guide

champagne cork - Food & Drinks Home

For most of us, a celebration is incomplete without a glass of champers. But what is it about Champagne that delivers the je ne sais quoi? Giles Fallowfield reports

Vintage Champagne

Bollinger 1829 - Bollinger 1829 Champagne - Food & Drinks Home

We Brits consume more vintage Champagne than any other country. But, asks Giles Fallowfield, what makes this particular wine so distinctive?

Champagne Trends

Champagne bottle pouring - Champagne bottle pouring - Food & Drinks Home

The British are drinking more Champagne than ever and there’s never been a wider choice of styles to try. Here's an overview of what’s hot in the world of luxury fizz

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