20 August 2014

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Potted chef biography: Alfred Prasad


alfred prasad 2012_tamarind - Alfred-Prasad---feb-2010.jpgAlfred Prasad was born and trained as a chef in Chennai (formerly Madras), graduating from its Institute of Hotel Management in 1993. He worked in five-star hotels and luxury restaurants throughout the subcontinent before returning to Chennai to become head chef at the renowned Dakshin restaurant. In 1999, Prasad came to London, working as a sous chef at Veeraswamy in Mayfair, before joining Tamarind in 2001. Within a year, he had been promoted from sous chef to executive chef, and in 2003 retained the restaurant’s Michelin star; in doing so he became the youngest Michelin-starred Indian chef, aged just 29. Prasad’s seasonal menus put a creative, modern spin on traditional Indian cuisine. His love of seafood shines through in dishes such as tilapia and mint chutney rolls with ginger, ajwain and paprika, or lobster masala with browned shallots, tomatoes and spices.

Tamarind: 20 Queen Street, London W1J 5PR; 020 3551 9850