20 August 2014

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Our week in pictures: 4-10 November, 2013


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pictures 111113 - Looks_like_our_local_Dirty_Burger_is_as_big_a_fan_as_we_are_well_nearly..jpg

Looks like our local Dirty Burger is as big a fan of Breaking Bad as we are...if that's possible.

Week in pictures 111113 - Russ_introduces_the_team_to_his_new_favourite_commuter_bar_the_ale-tastic_Euston_Tap.jpg

Russ introduces the team to his new favourite commuter bar, the ale-tastic Euston Tap.

Week in pictures 111113 - Annica_and_Caroline_head_east_to_check_out_Unity_Kitchen_Cafe_Events_a_cool_sky-lit_meeting_space_within_the_Timber_Lodge_in_the_QE_II_Olympic_Park.jpg

Annica and Caroline head east to check out Unity Kitchen Cafe & Events, a cool, sky-lit meeting space within the Timber Lodge in the QE II Olympic Park.

Week in pictures 111113 - Tacos_and_Pacifico's_in_Chipotle_Russ_and_Annica's_favourite_pre-event_pit-stop.jpg

Tacos and Pacifico's in Chipotle, Russ and Annica's favourite pre-event pit-stop.

Week in pictures 111113 - The_every_day_trials_and_tribulations_of_being_just_that_bit_too_short_-_go_on_Mills_you_can_do_it.jpg

The every day trials and tribulations of being that little bit too short - go on Mills, you can do it.

Week in pictures 111113 - This_Harrod's_coffee_kept_us_on_the_ball_all_week_long.jpg

This Harrod's coffee kept us on the ball all week.

Week in pictures 111113 - Fizzy_flight._Hannah_gets_cosy_with_the_sales_and_corporate_events_manager_from_the_London_Eye.jpg

Fizzy flight: Hannah gets cosy with the sales and corporate events manager from the London Eye.

Week in pictures 111113 - Icelandic_band_Mammut_performing_an_acoustic_set_backstage_at_The_Roundhouse_in_advance_of_Nordic_music_food_and_art_festival_Ja_Ja_Ja.jpg

Icelandic band, Mammut performing an acoustic set backstage at The Roundhouse in advance of Nordic music, food and art festival Ja Ja Ja.

Week in pictures 111113 - Office_lunches_transformed_following_the_launch_of_a_new_Korean_section_in_the_Kennington_Lane_Tesco.jpg

Office lunches transformed following the launch of a new Korean section in the Kennington Lane Tesco.

Week in pictures 111113 - Annica_having_a_good_old_stretch_before_settling_back_in_for_some_more_editing.jpg

Annica having a good old stretch before settling back in for some more editing.

Week in pictures 111113 - Alice_in_Chains_frontman_William_DuVall_acknowledging_the_Ally_Pally_crowd_with_a_fist_pump.jpg

Alice in Chains frontman, William DuVall acknowledging the Ally Pally crowd with a fist pump.

Week in pictures 111113 - Hannah_sizes_up_the_2014_bridal_collection_at_the_Charlie_Brear_showcase..jpg

Hannah sizes up the 2014 bridal collection at the Charlie Brear showcase.

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