23 August 2014

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Our week in pictures: 26 August - 1 September, 2013


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pictures 020913 - Meringues_on_the_Thames_at_the_Meringue_Girls_book_launch_on_the_Silver_Sturgeon.jpg

Meringues on the Thames at the Meringue Girls book launch on the Silver Sturgeon.

Week in pictures 020913 - We_have_a_new_addition_to_the_V_E_team!_Leo_Kibbey_was_born_on_30_August._Mum_(Anna)_and_baby_both_doing_well..jpg

We have a new addition to the V&E team! Leo Kibbey was born on 30 August. Mum (Anna) and baby both doing well.

Week in pictures 020913 - Simon's_birthday_at_Square_Meal_HQ_-_the_Big_5-0.jpg

Speaking of celebrations, it was Simon's birthday last week. The big 5-0. Congrats!

Week in pictures 020913 - A_glorious_array_of_meringues_at_the_Meringue_Girls_book_launch_on_the_Silver_Sturgeon.jpg

A glorious array of the Meringue Girls' lovely meringues.

Week in pictures 020913 - Covering_her_modesty_with_meringues_at_the_Meringue_Girls_book_launch_on_the_Silver_Sturgeon2.jpg2.jpg

Apparently, the Meringue Girls' meringues serve another purpose. 

Week in pictures 020913 - Stu_rocks_the_(fake)_fur_-_we'll_dress_up_for_near_enough_anything_at_Square_Meal.jpg

Stu rocks the (fake) fur - we'll dress up for anything at Square Meal.

Week in pictures 020913 - Entertained_by_a_jazzy_duet_as_we_enjoy_a_beverage_(or_five)_in_the_King_Charles_I.jpg

Entertained by a jazzy duo as we enjoy a beverage (or five) in the King Charles I pub.

Week in pictures 020913 - Shorrock's_Lancashire-made_cheese_bombs_-_yum..jpg

Shorrock's Lancashire-made 'cheese bombs' for sale at The Big Feastival - yum.

Week in pictures 020913 - A_host_of_Jamie's_best_at_The_Big_Feastival.jpg

A host of Jamie's finest at The Big Feastival.

Week in pictures 020913 - Pulled_pork_from_Jamie's_Barbecoa_pop-up_at_The_Big_Feastival.jpg

Pulled pork from Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa pop-up at The Big Feastival.

Week in pictures 020913 - The_Electrolux_Big_Kitchen_kitchen_ready_to_host_top_chefs_at_The_Big_Festival.jpg

The Electrolux Big Kitchen kitchen ready to host cookery masterclasses from top chefs at The Big Feastival.

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