23 August 2014

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What is the most important factor when booking a venue for a Christmas party?


Our week in pictures: 24 February - 02 March, 2014


A week in the life of the Square Meal team is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we've been up to.

WIPs 030314 - IMG_8267.jpg

The Tower of London on a sunny Thursday morning. We couldn't think of a better setting for a meeting with the events team from Historic Royal Palaces.

WIPs 030314 - IMG_82861.jpg1.jpg

We reckon The Wright Bros slow-roast shoulder of lamb with lettuce wraps, kimchi, chilli jam and oysters is a contender for Dish of the Year 2014 – even though it’s only March. The refurbished Soho diner also has a cool new private dining room, The Cage.

WIPs 030314 - IMG_8262.jpg

The bill at Borough Studios – we've been practising for our upcoming gig at The 02 – could have been a little more expensive than we'd planned for. Don't get us wrong, we're happy to pay for quality, but come on.

WIPs 030314 - This_little_Millie's_gone_to_market._Check_out_the_lovely_loaf_of_bread_from_The_Connaught..jpg

This little Millie went to market – the fresh loaf of bread from The Connaught was very tasty.

WIPs 030314 - Heather_and_Hannah_spent_a_Friday_lunchtime_in_Scott's_with_the_girls_from_Hush._This_passionfruit_brulee_was_delicious..jpg

Heather and Hannah spent Friday lunchtime in Scott's – check out our review of the restaurant's private dining room here – with the girls from Hush. This passionfruit crème brûlée was delicious.

WIPs 030314 - Russ's_trip_to_the_Natural_History_Museum_inspired_a_Sunday_night_Jurassic_Park_marathon.jpg

Russ's trip to the Natural History Museum could only lead to one thing: a Sunday night Jurassic Park marathon. And it did.

WIPs 030314 - IMG_8280.jpg

Loving the £7.50 cocktails in the Discount Suit Company The Spitalfields speakeasy is tiny but available for event bookings – and just around the corner from Liverpool Street.

WIPs 030314 - Vegetarians_quite_often_get_a_rough_deal_when_it_comes_to_a_good_Sunday_roast_but_this_one_at_The_Queen's_Arms_in_SW7_made_Russ_a_very_happy_camper..jpg

Vegetarians get a rough deal when it comes to a good Sunday roast, but this one at The Queens Arms in SW7 made Russ a very happy camper.

WIPs 030314 - Damo_and_Russ_show_the_rest_of_the_team_how_it's_done_during_our_first_team_rehearsal_for_a_gig_at_The_O2.jpg

Damo and Russ show the rest of the team how it's done during the first rehearsal for the editorial team's gig at The O2.

WIPs 030314 - Instruments_at_the_ready_-_plus_an_Old_Fashioned_on_the_go_-_at_our_Twist_London_masterclass.jpg

Instruments at the ready – plus an Old Fashioned on the go – at our Twist London cocktail masterclass.

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