28 July 2014

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Our week in pictures: 23 - 30 September, 2013


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pictures 300913 - '80s_fake_tan_party_band'_Apres_Ski_(you_can_just_about_see_one_of_'em_here)_had_EVERYONE_on_the_dance_floor_-_all_night_-_at_Caroline's_wedding._Awesome.jpg

'80s fake tan party band' Apres Ski (you can just about see one of 'em here) had EVERYONE on the dance floor - all night - at Caroline's wedding. Awesome.

Week in pictures 300913 - We_love_these_intricate_menus_designed_by_Cutture_for_the_Make_Their_Day_event_at_One_Marylebone_-_a_supplier_showcase_that_took_the_shape_of_a_'real'_wedding.jpg

We love these intricate menus designed by Cutture for the Make Their Day event at One Marylebone - a supplier showcase that took the shape of a 'real' wedding.

Week in pictures 300913 - Tomato_macarons_at_wedding_showcase_Make_Their_Day_at_One_Marylebone..jpg

Cutture went all out to get all the little touches right: these tomato macrons were the real deal. Yum.

Week in pictures 300913 - Heather_and_Millie_loving_the_entertainment_at_Make_Their_Day_at_One_Marylebone.jpg

There was a wedding band n'all. Heather and Millie enjoyed this one.

Week in pictures 300913 - Russ_dancing_in_an_impromptu_version_of_Swan_Lake_during_a_demonstration_of_Musion's_holographic_technology_at_8_Northumberland_Avenue_-_believe_it_or_not_the_girl_is_the_hologram..jpg

Russ dancing in an impromptu version of Swan Lake during a demonstration of Musion's holographic technology at 8 Northumberland Avenue - believe it or not, the girl is the hologram.

Week in pictures 300913 - So_that's_how_it_works_-_I_still_don't_get_it_but_massively_impressed_nonetheless..jpg

So that's how it works - still don't entirely get it, but we're massively impressed nonetheless.

Week in pictures 300913 - Up_close_with_Titanic_Belfast's_impressive_exterior..jpg

Up close with Titanic Belfast's impressive exterior.

Week in pictures 300913 - Heather's_treated_to_a_Guiness_cocktail_at_The_Marker_Hotel_in_honour_of_Arthur's_Day_in_Dublin..jpg

Heather's treated to a Guiness cocktail at The Marker Hotel in honour of Arthur's Day in Dublin.

Week in pictures 300913 - Checking_out_the_rows_of_cells_(_which_double_up_as_event_space)_at_Crumlin_Road_Gaol_in_Belfast._Creepy..jpg

Checking out the rows of cells ( which double up as event space) at Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. Creepy.

Week in pictures 300913 - An_event_is_set_up_at_Titanic_Belfast's_Titanic_Suite_which_has_been_modelled_on_the_original_ship..jpg

An event is set up at Titanic Belfast's Titanic Suite, which has been modelled on the original ship.

Week in pictures 300913 - We've_all_had_colds_this_week_but_this_bad_boy_(Wagamama's_chilli_chicken_ramen)_sorts_us_out_every_time.jpg

We've all had colds this week but this bad boy (Wagamama's chilli chicken ramen) sorts us out every time.

Week in pictures 300913 - Annica_meets_her_liquid_namesake_on_a_pre-wedding_pub_crawl_with_Thuang.jpg

Annica meets her liquid namesake on a pre-wedding pub crawl with Thuang.

Week in pictures 300913 - Millie_and_her_boyfriend_Sam_celebrate_arriving_in_Copenhagen_at_the_local_boozer..jpg

Millie and her boyfriend Sam celebrate arriving in Copenhagen by hitting the local boozer.

Week in pictures 300913 - Millie_stumbled_across_the_original_MASH_restaurant_in_Copenhagen..jpg

Millie stumbled across the original MASH restaurant in Copenhagen.

Week in pictures 300913 - Current_(Laura_and_Annica)_and_former_(Julia_and_Eleanor)_Squaremealers_snuggle_up_at_Caroline's_wedding_reception_at_Dukes_Meadows_in_Chiswick.jpg

Current (Laura and Annica) and former (Julia and Eleanor) Squaremealers snuggle up at Caroline's wedding reception at Dukes Meadows in Chiswick.

Week in pictures 300913 - We_liked_the_personalised_menus_at_ChefStock2013.jpg

We liked the personalised menus at #ChefStock2013.

Week in pictures 300913 - Vintage_Pol_Roger_with_canapes_then_eight_courses_with_matching_wines._All_in_a_night's_work_for_Annica_at_the_Iggy_Chan_v_Alyn_Williams_ChefStock2013_dinner_at_the_Westbury.jpg

Vintage Pol Roger with canapes, then eight courses with matching wines. All in a night's work for Annica at the Iggy Chan v Alyn Williams #ChefStock2013 dinner at the Westbury.

Week in pictures 300913 - A_couple_of_grizzly_bears_at_Copenhagen_Zoo..jpg

A couple of grizzly bears at Copenhagen Zoo.

Week in pictures 300913 - Saturday_night_in_Copenhagen_involved_a_burger_with_curry_sauce_a_fried_egg_and_caviar_-_bloody_lovely..jpg

Saturday night in Copenhagen involved a burger with curry sauce, a fried egg and caviar - bloody lovely.

Week in pictures 300913 - From_Miss_P_to_Mrs_Kaye._Caroline_our_deputy_head_of_V_E_got_married_at_St_Peters_Church_in_Hammersmith.jpg

From Miss P to Mrs Kaye. Caroline, our deputy head of V&E, got married at St Peters Church in Hammersmith.

Week in pictures 300913 - Caroline's_hot_get-away_wheels.jpg

Caroline's hot get-away wheels.

Week in pictures 300913 - We_always_did_think_a_first_dance_was_never_complete_witout_a_blow-up_guitar._Great_prop_work_Laurence.jpg

We always did think a first dance was incomplete without a blow-up guitar. Great prop work, Laurence.

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