22 July 2014

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What is the most important factor when booking a venue for a Christmas party?


Our week in pictures: 21 - 28 October, 2013


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pictures 281013 - They've_landed!_The_autumn_issue_of_Venues_Events_and_a_second_batch_of_Christmas_Parties_magazines_were_sent_out_this_week._ADD_A_LINK_TO_ONLINE_VERSIONS.jpg

They've landed! The autumn issue of Venues & Events and a second batch of Christmas Parties magazines were sent out this week.

Week in pictures 281013 - If_you_didn't_already_know_each_member_of_the_V_E_editorial_team_has_a_special_talent._Yup_that's_Millie_with_a_ukelele..jpg

If you didn't already know, each member of the V&E editorial team has a special talent; Millie's is obviously the ability to play the Ukulele.

Week in pictures 281013 - Champagne_views_and_some_rather_special_food_at_the_Square_Meal_Lunch_Club_in_Aqua_Shard.jpg

Champagne, views and some rather special food at the Square Meal Lunch Club in Aqua Shard.

Week in pictures 281013 - Despite_tucking_into_delicious_truffle_and_parmesan_popcorn_Annica_and_Heather_left_Rhubarb's_Clash_of_the_Seasons_showcase_hungry._Where_were_the_canapes_guys.jpg

Despite tucking into delicious truffle and parmesan popcorn, Annica and Heather left Rhubarb's Clash of the Seasons showcase hungry. Where were the canapes, guys?

Week in pictures 281013 - Sink_with_a_view._The_ladies'_at_Aqua_Shard.jpg

Sink with a view. The ladies' at Aqua Shard.

Week in pictures 281013 - Russ_went_alon_to_Polo_Bar_for_some_late_night_fodder_-_lovely_slab_of_meat..jpg

Russ went along to Polo Bar for some late night fodder - look at that mound of beef.

week in pictures 281013 - Patriotism_from_both_sides_of_the_pond_at_the_NFL_game_at_Wembley.jpg

Both sides of the pond represented in the most patriotic of fashions at the NFL game at Wembley -  hands on hearts everybody.

Week in pictures 281013 - While_we_were_in_the_Shard_we_also_checked_out_Hutong._Laura_loved_the_lanterns_outside_the_private_dining_room..jpg

While we were in the Shard, we also checked out Hutong. Laura loved the lanterns outside the private dining room.

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