21 August 2014

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Our week in pictures: 20 - 27 January, 2014


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

WIPs 270114 - Millie_popped_down_to_the_O2_for_the_National_Television_Awards_-_did_someone_say_Mr_Big.jpg

Millie popped down to The O2 for the National Television Awards – did someone say Big's here?

WIPs 270114 - Annica_and_Caroline_getting_into_the_spirit(s)_of_things_at_Soho_House_while_a_jet_lagged_Graham_takes_the_opportunity_to_get_some_rest.jpg

Annica and Caroline getting into the spirit(s) of things at Soho House, while a jet-lagged Graham takes the opportunity to get some rest.

WIPs 270114 - Millie_will_go_to_any_length_(100_miles_to_be_precise)_for_a_pint_of_bitter_in_her_favourite_Cotswold_pub_The_Wild_Duck_at_Ewen..jpg

Millie will go to any length – 100 miles to be precise – for a pint of bitter in her favourite Cotswold pub, The Wild Duck at Ewen.

WIPs 270114 - Damo's_got_that_Monday_morning_look.jpg

Our reporter Damien has got that Monday morning look.

WIPs 270114 - Enjoying_some_churros_and_espresso_martinis_at_Salt_Yard_with_the_event_team_from_Warner_Bros.jpg

Enjoying churros and espresso martinis at Salt Yard, with the event team from Warner Bros.

WIPs 270114 - A_miniature_cup_for_our_pint-sized_Editorial_Assistant_Millie_Milliken.jpg

A miniature cup for our pint-sized editorial assistant, Millie.

WIPs 270114 - Enjoying_a_cup_of_char_in_our_until_now_secret_hangout_The_Music_Boutique_near_Kennington_Lane.jpg

Until now, The Music Boutique, just off Kennington Lane, was our secret hangout. Treat it well, you lot.

WIPs 270114 - Reporter_Heather_isn't_allowed_a_real_dog_so_these_Brighton_charity_shop_bargains_will_have_to_do_instead..jpg

Reporter Heather isn't allowed a real dog, so these Brighton charity-shop bargains will have to do instead.

WIPs 270114 - For_6_a_night_Annica_and_Matt_got_a_massive_room_with_a_balcony_and_this_view._Laos_may_be_hard_to_get_to_this_place_looks_pretty_special..jpg

For £6 a night Annica and Matt (her husband) got a massive room with a balcony and this view. Laos may be hard to get to, but this place looks pretty special.

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