20 August 2014

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Our week in pictures: 18-24 November, 2013


 A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pictures 251113 - Ah_the_magic_of_Christmas_has_stopped_Russ_in_his_tracks._Ooh_shiny..jpg

Ah, the magic of Christmas has stopped Russ in his tracks. The big wheel at Winter Wonderland's very shiny.

Week in pictures 251113 - A_whole_lotta_Guac(amole)_at_Burrito_Mama_in_the_City.jpg

A whole lotta Guac(amole) and cool packaging at Wahaca offshoot Burrito Mama in One New Change by St Paul's.

Week in pictures 251113 - Check_out_the_size_of_the_bouquet_Caroline_was_sent_by_her_clients_at_the_Hurlingham_Club._We're_not_jealous._Much.jpg

Check out the size of the bouquet Caroline was sent by her clients at the Hurlingham Club. We're not jealous. Much.

Week in pictures 251113 - Millie_donning_the_ski-wear_and_swigging_a_mulled_wine.jpg

Mulled wine and vintage ski suits for guests (nice touch!) at the Lodge d'Argent winter terrace launch at Coq d'Argent in the City.

Week in pictures 251113 - Never_mind_the_celebs_(sorry_Nicole)_the_star_attraction_of_the_Steam_Rye_launch_was_the_venue_itself._The_Cargo_Hold_private_room_was_shamazing.jpg

Never mind the celebs (sorry Nicole) the star attraction of the Steam & Rye launch was the venue itself. The Cargo Hold private room was shamazing.

Week in pictures 251113 - The_Blind_Tigers_entertain_guests_at_the_2013_Square_Meal_Tasting_at_The_HAC.jpg

The Blind Tigers entertain guests at the 2013 Square Meal Tasting at The HAC.

Week in pictures 251113 - Taking_our_seats_for_a_screening_of_The_Great_Gatsby_at_One_Aldwych's_Film_Fizz_evening.jpg

Taking our seats for a screening of The Great Gatsby at One Aldwych's Film & Fizz evening.

Week in pictures 251113 - You_might_recognise_this_dude_from_his_portrait_on_bottles_of_JB._It's_the_master_distiller_himself_hosting_a_bourbon_tasting_in_the_pop-up_Jim_Beam_Stillhouse.jpg

You might recognise this dude from his portrait on bottles of JB. It's the master distiller himself hosting a bourbon tasting in the pop-up Jim Beam Stillhouse.

Week in pictures 251113 - Lauren_Annica_and_Laura_tuck_into_mulled_wine_and_bratwursts_in_the_Bavarian_Village_at_Winter_Wonderland.jpg

Lauren, Annica and Laura tuck into mulled wine and bratwursts in the Bavarian Village at Winter Wonderland.

Week in pictures 251113 - The_Deck_goes_Chalet_chic_for_Christmas.jpg

The Deck goes Chalet chic for Christmas.

Week in pictures 251113 - All_aboard!_Annica_and_Laura_take_a_ride_on_the_rollercoaster_at_Winter_Wonderland.jpg

All aboard! Annica and Laura take a ride on the rollercoaster at Winter Wonderland.

Week in pictures 251113 - Thuang's_winter-wear_of_choice_-_a_polar_bear_glove_and_hat_onesie..jpg

Freezing temperatures plus A-list guest list usually equals wardrobe dilemma. Not so for Thuang who wore this glove and hat onesie for the Winter Wonderland VIP launch.

Week in pictures 251113 - Christian_from_Deep_Events_treat_Annica_and_Russ_to_a_Wine_Vinyl_evening._Guess_who's_excited.jpg

Christian from Deep Events treats Annica and Russ to a Wine & Vinyl evening. Guess who's excited?

Week in pictures 251113 - Rudolf_the_wall-mounted_reindeer_brings_a_smile_to_Annica's_face_at_Winter_Wonderland.jpg

Rudolf the wall-mounted reindeer brings a smile to Annica's face at Winter Wonderland.

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